AquaPrime® Cloth Media Filter

Advanced Treatment for Primary Wastewater and Wet Weather Applications

With more than 20 years of application experience in wastewater and stormwater processes, cloth media filtration from Aqua-Aerobic Systems has demonstrated the ability to accommodate high solids loading capacity, large hydraulic throughput, a small footprint, and exceptional effluent quality in more than 1,500 installations.


The new AquaPrime® filtration system utilizes OptiFiber® pile cloth media in a disk configuration with three zones of solids removal to effectively filter high solids waste streams without the use of chemicals. This system is designed to handle a wide range of flows in a fraction of space compared to conventional clarifiers. AquaPrime is ideal for primary wastewater treatment and wet weather applications due to its proven removal efficiencies and high quality effluent, even under varying influent conditions.








    Vertically oriented cloth media disks reduce required footprint


    Outside-inside filtration


    Designed with three zones of solids removal


    Disks have removable segments for ease of maintenance


    Automatic scum and solids removal


    Fully automatic PLC control with color touchscreen HMI


    Reduced energy costs on secondary processes due to a reduction in  organic loading


    Provides more solids for increased gas production in anaerobic digesters


    Effective backwash system that fluidizes cloth fibers to release stored solids


    Available in several configurations to accommodate flow ranges and applications


    Can be configured for dual use applications such as tertiary and wet weather operation


    Primary Filtration


    Primary Effluent Filtration








    High Solids Applications (Municipal and Industrial)


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